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Personalize Anything

You can use calligraphy to personalize almost anything: wedding envelopes, certificates, mats, wood, vinyl, or anything that can be shipped or brought into the studio. Yes, I letter on photos and photo albums.

Calligraphy is an art form: the art of writing.

Though typing and printing have taken over as the primary sources of modern non-verbal communication, artistic writing still exists because of a handful of people who have chosen to preserve its beauty. In this age, there is something very special about hand-lettering a message. Special events like weddings and graduations are some of the few places we can still appreciate this classic art form.

To give a sense of class and elegance to your event, consider hand-lettered calligraphy for your envelopes, certificates, or napkins. I have done many foreign lists, dignitaries and military guest lists. I can match your invitation's style, or you can choose from any of over fifty unique styles with which I am experienced. Need help choosing a style? I will help you with the appropriate selection. Each event is unique, and each calligraphy style has its own flair which may or may not match the spirit of your event.

Please email me your questions on how to set up your wedding list by filling out my online form. Upon request, I'll provide you with a quote for what you need.

Hand-lettered Calligraphy Envelope Prices

Twenty-five dollars is due at the booking of the service. Complete prices are  determined when you bring in your list and deliver your paper to my shop. Knowing that invitations need to be mailed well in advance of the event, please allow ample time in your planning. One inner and outer envelope is a set.

The cost when booking your order...

...less than 4 weeks before your mailing date:

$ 2.50 and up per set

...more than 4 weeks before your mailing date:

$ 2.00 and up per set

...more than 8 weeks before your mailing date:

$ 1.85 and up per set

Prices above are for BLACK ink on machine finished papers. Colors, Silver, Gold and Pearls are available for 25 cents more per piece. For hand-made papers or metallic papers add 25 cents more per piece and up.

Prices above are general prices and are subject to change without notice.
Confirmed quotes are only available once your lists have been reviewed.

List Submission
Please submit you list early by email at fancywriting@aol.com Please list your target date for putting all the invitations in the mail.

Do not included anything on the list that does not go on the envelopes. The envelopes will be addressed just like your list, so please review your list carefully. Calligrapher is not responsible for any misspelling or errors on your list.

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